Young mother leaves 8 orphans

It is with deep sadness we learn the sudden death of the mother and Shloucha (Emissary) to Eilat Mrs. Penina Kotzer, at the age of 43 years. She has been battling a terrible cancer for a few years.
She leaves behind her husband and 8 young children …
As you can imagine the needs of the family are enormous.
They need our help.
Please help us to help them in these times of great distress and need.
Please give generously.
You can contribute online by clicking here.
Thank you very much for THEM!

3 children, and widow!

Dear Keren Esther,
Hello, I would have thought that an organization like yours is also listening!
I’m a widow myself. Indeed, before, my husband had a good place. Only, with the disease, which had already raged twice, no insurance, no coverage was ever granted. When he left in December 2014, I found myself, mother of three children 10, 11 and 16 years old, unemployed, with all the expenses to be paid, but without anything, without anything more.
This is a shock, because in addition to mourning, you have to deal with dozens of things you did not expect! The children’s questions, their anxieties, their pain and your future, which is suddenly disappearing … I’m still in the tunnel and I’m going step by step. But thanks to gestures like yours, it warms the hearts, it is good for the soul, know the good.
I send you the book I wrote about this wonderful man my husband was, maybe it will give you an idea of ​​who we are … What I became: a mother who will do everything for your children. Know that the amount of money you paid me, I will keep it for my children, it is for them, I am so happy. You really touched me; I do not know how to thank you, or perhaps if, to promise you that, if one day, my situation allowed me, I will pay your body something, a sum to arrive in a mailbox, a letter, a word, nice, a check and that flow the tears of joy of the one who receives it.
I really thank you and know that today; you embellished my day, forever you will stay in a corner of my heart.

I. M.

Last calls for help

  • A. had a baby with Down syndrome this week (may God forbid). They need a lot of help. For the baby and for the parents.
  • Y. is heavily in debt following surgery and medical treatments. He had to spend a lot of money on food and lodging.
  • Z. needs help. He just lost his father. And barely has food on the table.
  • M. just called to say he needs help with his rent and other basic bills. He needs $ 1900 for tomorrow and about $ 3,000 by the end of the week. He does not call often, and when he does, it’s usually for little things. there, it is in very bad condition.
  • Rabbi & Mrs C. are fighting to save the life of their 6 year old child – Rafael Elisha Meir Ben Devora. Please pray for him! Their current oncologist has unfortunately let them know that there is not much more that can be done to save him in terms of conventional medicine … (They are looking for a pediatric oncologist who will help them in different clinical trials and other tracks). But they need a lot of financial help! If you are able to help (even a little), it will be greatly appreciated (tax deductible of 66%, with Cerfa).

If you are able to help (even a little), it will be greatly appreciated (tax deductible of 66%, with Cerfa). If you want to contribute through our site click on

Or write your check to KEREN ESTHER and sent to: KEREN ESTHER – 116 rue de Charenton 75012 PARIS

Colorado – Shluchim need help!

More than 1000 missing in deadly floods in Colorado – Shluchim need help!

Here is a testimonial of the situation of shluchim on the spot:

“There are many people who need help. Please send me a message if you can help for flooded houses in the city. For everyone in Boulder. Thank God, we are safe. We had an amazing and inspiring Yom Kippur with hundreds of people. Every few minutes, I can not stop hearing more and more stories of destroyed homes and people being stuck. We will do our best to help those we can.

You can read and see the terrible situation by clicking here

B”H our Chabad House has the least damage from all the Shluchim in the area, we have a few meters of water in our synagogue and in the house and we are working to find a place for Yom Tov (if people go to be able to go out to the synagogue).

Rabbi Borenstein in Longmont was evacuated from his home. His Beth Chabad became a lake …, they pray in a hotel, please help him!
Rabbi Sheiners (from boutler) also saw her house totally flooded and they are working to find a place for yom tov. Please help im!
The whole city is a mess, people can not leave their homes, and half of the city has no electricity. It’s going to be an interesting Yom Kippur and sukot … ”

I spoke to one of the Shluchim . BH everyone is ok, but they need a lot of help. As is the case with many similar situations, most people do not have flood insurance.

As you prepare for Yom Tov in your comfortable home … Please help our brothers who have been evacuated !!

Thank you very much ! hag samea’h!

Thank you for your generous help!

I want to thank you very much for helping my brother, a Shliach in K …, in these times of great need. My brother’s wife (they have 10 children) contracted “Big Cancer” in her foot, and after multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and consultations in Israel and the United States the conclusion was that the foot had to be amputated. Chemotherapy continues for a while, more as a precaution – just in case something has reached beyond the point of amputation. The significant expenses they will have to face are unique in this case because a) a prosthesis. The health care system will only provide the most basic model, something that is not very good in general, let alone for a long life and the duty to care for such a family. Any type of prosthesis to improve must be paid for by the patient. The cost is in the tens of thousands of dollars. Your help is greatly appreciated. b) Rehabilitate different parts of the house to accommodate a life with a prosthesis. The most important is the bathroom and toilet facilities, which must be completely redesigned for this purpose. It’s not funded by the health care system. Once again, your help is greatly appreciated.

I also want to thank you personally for helping me with a significant donation as we approach Rosh Hashana. While my concerns do not compare to that of my brother, I fight no less than him, to survive. And your help is important in reducing fees and charges.


This is Keren Esther, act and restores hope & light !