Dear Keren Esther,
Hello, I would have thought that an organization like yours is also listening!
I’m a widow myself. Indeed, before, my husband had a good place. Only, with the disease, which had already raged twice, no insurance, no coverage was ever granted. When he left in December 2014, I found myself, mother of three children 10, 11 and 16 years old, unemployed, with all the expenses to be paid, but without anything, without anything more.
This is a shock, because in addition to mourning, you have to deal with dozens of things you did not expect! The children’s questions, their anxieties, their pain and your future, which is suddenly disappearing … I’m still in the tunnel and I’m going step by step. But thanks to gestures like yours, it warms the hearts, it is good for the soul, know the good.
I send you the book I wrote about this wonderful man my husband was, maybe it will give you an idea of ​​who we are … What I became: a mother who will do everything for your children. Know that the amount of money you paid me, I will keep it for my children, it is for them, I am so happy. You really touched me; I do not know how to thank you, or perhaps if, to promise you that, if one day, my situation allowed me, I will pay your body something, a sum to arrive in a mailbox, a letter, a word, nice, a check and that flow the tears of joy of the one who receives it.
I really thank you and know that today; you embellished my day, forever you will stay in a corner of my heart.

I. M.