Acknowledgments from Z.S. – Tishrei

Dear Keren Esther,

Once again, we were so pleasantly surprised to receive an unexpected Tishrei contribution from Keren Esther.

As we approach the busy month of Tishrei, we are planning our programs for our community, as well as the material needs we need for our family for the New Year. Somewhere in the back of our minds, lingers the thought and concern of how we are going to be able to pay for everything.

It is comforting and touching to know that someone has thought of us and made it possible for us to provide what is needed. This money allowed us to order our meat for the month but also buy some necessities for our children.

There are no words to thank you for your generosity and kindness.

Z S. – Slovakia

Remerciement pour votre aide – Mendel.

Cher Keren Esther,

Je voudrais profiter de cette occasion pour vous remercier de votre généreuse contribution à nos dépenses quotidiennes. Nous vous sommes très reconnaissants de votre sollicitude et de votre soutien et surtout de la générosité avec laquelle vous nous aidez régulièrement. Que D.ieu Hachem vous bénisse, vous et votre famille, en abondance dans tous les domaines!



Acknowledgments of R. D. helped for the holidays

No words can even describe what your quick and generous miraculous contribution to the holidays has made for our Yom Tov and Shli’hut preparations.
We were worried about how we would buy the basic necessities for these many holidays, and for the many guests.

I thank you and Hashem grant you blessings revealed with great success in your mission.

Rabbi D.

This is Keren Esther, act and restores hope & light !