We all live within the same world. The suffering of an only one to be must also be ours, as the success of each must be beneficial to us. Each of us thought he was put in front of the choice to take into account this ubiquitous unit or to care only about himself, it should be to the detriment of others. Generosity is one of the nicest gifts which God grants us: that to take part hurries up in the perpetual development of the destiny of the world. The slightest meritorious action can soften favourably the changeable equilibrium on which rests the destiny of this world.
– The Lubavitcher Rebbe –

Keren Esther, was founded in October 2010 during the week of mourning following the tragic and sudden loss of our friend and fellow young Shloucha (emissary of the Rebbe) Esther Aidel Cohen (Esty) at a young age of 33 years old.

Esty of blessed memory was a young Shlucha in Manchester, England. Together with her husband Rabbi Menachem M. and their 6 children (the oldest being 10 years old and the youngest only 6 weeks old), they directed the Cheder O.Y.Y School in Manchester and served the Chabad community.

In response to this great loss of a young mother and influential women, it was necessary to set up a structure, to meet the pressing needs and help alieve the heavy financial expenses of the affected families and orphans. This was extended to all Shluchim internationally.

« Keren Esther » Help Shluchim (emissaries of the Rebbe, leaders of communities all around the world), who are facing tremendous challenge and pain.

« Keren Esther » works to provide for the family’s basic necessities. Due to the current financial difficulties, many Shluchim are in urgent need of assistance. Most of them do not even have the opportunity to feed their families or buy clothes, or even the ability to send their children to school.

Dear friends, help generously our Shluchim.

With your help, they will be able to continue their dedication and mission in the service of the Jewish people! You can make the difference! The requests for assistance are constant and unfortunately expanding. We can not remain insensitive to these tragedies while Shlouchim are fighting for Judaism in the world, trying to survive on the front lines!


By making a donation to the ‘Keren Esther’ you directly help the Shluchim around the world, enabling them to meet their minimum food and clothing needs for themselves and their families. All contributions are tax deductible.

On behalf of the beneficiaries – A heartfelt thanks!

This is Keren Esther, act and restores hope & light !