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Dear friends,

A l’approche des fêtes et de la nouvelle année, svp de soutenir généreusement notre campagne de Tichri 5779, afin de pouvoir venir en aide à nos chlou’him en difficultés, surtout ce qui malheureusement ces derniers mois ont rejoint les veufs et orphelins, et ces derniers jours encore 3 nouveaux cas de cancer chez 3 jeunes chlou’him qui luttent contre la maladie…. afin qu’il puisse fêter les fêtes joyeusement et dignement. Svp parrainer un ou plusieurs enfants, à 90€ pour un enfant !
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Merci beaucoup pour EUX, et Chana tova umetouka !

Ps. Merci à ce qui se sont déjà manifestés et envoyé leurs contributions.


At this time we are sending help to several sick people suffering from cancer, and we are sending dozens of orphaned and needy children to summer camp.
This week is Hilula of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. According to these instructions, please contribute generously to “Keren Esther” who looks after these emissaries with serious needs throughout the year.
At this time we are sending help to several ill Shluchim people suffering from cancer, and we are sending dozens of orphaned and needy children to summer camp.
You can contribute online by clicking here
Thank you very much for THEM!

Purim : Matanos L’Evyonim to Keren Esther !

Dear friends,

One of the mitzvos of Purim is to give Matanos L’Evyonim. (As One of Purim’s primary themes is Jewish unity. Haman tried to kill us all, we were all in danger together, so we celebrate together too. Hence, on Purim day we place special emphasis on caring for the less fortunate).
“Keren Esther” makes fulfilling this Mitzvah in a reliable, convenient, and Mehudar manner easier than ever before. Under my direct supervision, the annual Matanos L’Evyonim campaign brings immeasurable Simcha to dozens of families of Shluchim in desperate need.
We cannot do it without you!

To hear what Shluchim from all over the world have to say about Keren Esther, click here

Don’t push it off to the last minute! Donate today and I will personally see to it that your funds will reach them ON PURIM – guaranteed!

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Thank you – Wishing you a Happy Purim!

EMERGENCY: Mom of 9 Children

Rav Y. & Yaffa L. are Shluchim in Yavne, Israel since thirty years, dedicating their lives to helping every Jew in need, whether physically or spiritually. A year ago, Yafa was diagnosed with a case of potentially fatal neo-lymphoma affecting her central nervous system. Her paralysis prevented her from working, because the race after an effective treatment, as well as her astronomical costs, prevented her husband the Rabbi L. from bearing the financial burden. This disease has emotionally and financially destroyed a beautiful and successful family.

We can not stay behind and watch this tragedy unfold! Together, we can help them in these difficult times!
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9 orphans need you !!

With great sadness, pain and shock we inform you of the untimely passing Mrs. Chana Segal, a Chabad Shlucha in Rishon Letzion and mother of 9 children, passed away on Tuesday, at the age of 40.
She was diagnosed with a terrible illness only a month and a half ago, and had been undergoing treatment in Houston, Texas.
She is survived by her husband, Rabbi Eliyahu Segal, and 9 children (youngest one only one and half year old).

Please help us help them in this time of great distress and need

Please donate generously, online here:

Thank you very much!

Young mother leaves 8 orphans

It is with deep sadness we learn the sudden death of the mother and Shloucha (Emissary) to Eilat Mrs. Penina Kotzer, at the age of 43 years. She has been battling a terrible cancer for a few years.
She leaves behind her husband and 8 young children …
As you can imagine the needs of the family are enormous.
They need our help.
Please help us to help them in these times of great distress and need.
Please give generously.
You can contribute online by clicking here.
Thank you very much for THEM!

This is Keren Esther, act and restores hope & light !