More than 1000 missing in deadly floods in Colorado – Shluchim need help!

Here is a testimonial of the situation of shluchim on the spot:

“There are many people who need help. Please send me a message if you can help for flooded houses in the city. For everyone in Boulder. Thank God, we are safe. We had an amazing and inspiring Yom Kippur with hundreds of people. Every few minutes, I can not stop hearing more and more stories of destroyed homes and people being stuck. We will do our best to help those we can.

You can read and see the terrible situation by clicking here

B”H our Chabad House has the least damage from all the Shluchim in the area, we have a few meters of water in our synagogue and in the house and we are working to find a place for Yom Tov (if people go to be able to go out to the synagogue).

Rabbi Borenstein in Longmont was evacuated from his home. His Beth Chabad became a lake …, they pray in a hotel, please help him!
Rabbi Sheiners (from boutler) also saw her house totally flooded and they are working to find a place for yom tov. Please help im!
The whole city is a mess, people can not leave their homes, and half of the city has no electricity. It’s going to be an interesting Yom Kippur and sukot … ”

I spoke to one of the Shluchim . BH everyone is ok, but they need a lot of help. As is the case with many similar situations, most people do not have flood insurance.

As you prepare for Yom Tov in your comfortable home … Please help our brothers who have been evacuated !!

Thank you very much ! hag samea’h!