I want to thank you very much for helping my brother, a Shliach in K …, in these times of great need. My brother’s wife (they have 10 children) contracted “Big Cancer” in her foot, and after multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and consultations in Israel and the United States the conclusion was that the foot had to be amputated. Chemotherapy continues for a while, more as a precaution – just in case something has reached beyond the point of amputation. The significant expenses they will have to face are unique in this case because a) a prosthesis. The health care system will only provide the most basic model, something that is not very good in general, let alone for a long life and the duty to care for such a family. Any type of prosthesis to improve must be paid for by the patient. The cost is in the tens of thousands of dollars. Your help is greatly appreciated. b) Rehabilitate different parts of the house to accommodate a life with a prosthesis. The most important is the bathroom and toilet facilities, which must be completely redesigned for this purpose. It’s not funded by the health care system. Once again, your help is greatly appreciated.

I also want to thank you personally for helping me with a significant donation as we approach Rosh Hashana. While my concerns do not compare to that of my brother, I fight no less than him, to survive. And your help is important in reducing fees and charges.