Rabbi Shaya

I want to thank you for your kindness and above all, for your generosity and your sensitivity to the family of my late brother Levi of blessed memory (which is Died last week leaving a woman and four Young children) and to my brothers and sisters.

Rav Mendel – Centre communautaire ‘Habad

Your help and that of Other donors, have literally Saved financially during a period very difficult.

Rabbi Dov

I want to thank you for this incredible Amount of money that was sent. It was Unexpected, it was not deserved but it was a very Great help. My financial situation was – for several reasons very desperate.


Dear Keren Esther partners,
Thank you very much for bringing Chanukah’s light to our family by your important support! It will make a real difference in our family.
I want to take this opportunity to highlight the special way in which the care, warmth and true concern that really distinguishes your organization has been done.

This is Keren Esther, act and restores hope & light !