1. Please tell tehillim for a colleague Shliach, of Temecula CA, who was tragically diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) eight months ago. As you may know, there is no known cure for this disease. Thanks to the immense generosity of his colleague Chlou’him, he is currently in the final stage of revolutionary stem cell treatment at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Of course this procedure can provide the cure that we all hope.

I turn to you to say Tehilim and ask for much mercy for Yitzchak ben Bra’ha so that he can return to full health quickly and be able to continue his duties as father of his seven children and take back his Shlichut with all these forces.

2. Today – Thursday at 7:30 am US time 14:30 Israel time, will begin the surgical operation to clean my bowel of the unfortunate cancer with which I have been suffering for several months. The operation will last between 4 and 6 hours ..

I would like my brothers to pray and beg God for me Shalom Ber Ben Luba (among all the other Chlou’him they need good recovery and healing) that everything will go easily and quickly. And that I find the strength to be able to return to our mission very soon, safe and sound.

Please say Psalm 20 and 42. May we hear and share good news!

Please contribute to their current personal and medical expenses THANK YOU