Keren Esther,

The last eight months, my brother S. who is a Shaliach at Hill … had to undergo very thorough examinations for the pains, the weakness, the vertigo he feels in various parts of his body (as well as many other symptoms).

Yesterday, based on the latest exams, a team of neurologists eventually diagnosed the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis … It was explained that stress is an important factor and contributes to the rapid decline caused by this terrible disease, that God forbid. However, he will still have to undergo further intensive examinations with super specialists in Boston and New York to refine the diagnosis.

For now, he prefers not to reveal it to anyone, not even my parents and I ask you to keep the secret as well.

Currently, the biggest stressor is the financial burden he bears for the maintenance of Beth Habad and his family (six children, whom Gd bless them, including his son Mendel who suffers from several minor disabilities that require very expensive care).

Currently, I am trying to raise enough money to cover his budget for the next three months, in order to reduce stress as much as possible, with the hope that it will help him fight his illness. I thank you from the heart of my heart for the help you sent him!

If you can continue to help him in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. The basic budget of S. . . for one month is 18,480 USD dollars.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.