Hello Keren Esther !

A very big thank you for all your help! You are amazing ! Currently, I am really overwhelmed as I try to regain control of my life: everything is in disorder: the house, lawyers etc. I have to make many decisions on my own. But it takes a lot of strength. Sometimes it’s so hard to get to the end of the day when my whole life has been so upset !

Testimony of Zalman, 11 December 2016

Dear Keren Esther,

Hello, I would have thought that an organization like yours is also listening!

I myself being a widow.

Indeed, before, my husband occupied a good place. Only, with the illness, which had already raged twice, no insurance, no coverage was ever granted to us. When he left in December 2014, I found myself, mother of three children, 10, 11 and 16, unemployed, with all the burdens to pay, but nothing, nothing more.

This is a shock, because in addition to mourning, you have to face dozens of things you had not planned ! The questions of the children, their anxieties, their pain and your future that suddenly veils itself… I am still in the tunnel and I go step by step. But thanks to gestures like yours, it warms the hearts, it does good to the soul, know the good.

I am sending you the book I wrote about this great man who has been my husband, maybe this will give you an idea of ​​who we are. . . What I have become: a mother who will do everything for her children. Know that the sum of money you have paid me, I will keep it for my children, it is destined for them, I am so happy. You really touched me; I do not know how to thank you, or perhaps if I promise you, that if my situation would allow me one day, I would pay your organization something, a sum, so that a letter-box, A word, nice, a check, and flow the tears of joy of the one who receives it.

I really thank you and know that today; You have embellished my day, for ever you will remain in a corner of my heart,

I. M.

3 children, and widow !, 11 December 2016