Dear Keren Esther,

Thank you so much for your generous help in helping us with the expenses of our newborn. May the Almighty send you much success in all that you do, with the ultimate good and revealed, physically and spiritually.



Dear Keren Esther,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your generous contribution to our daily expenses. We are very grateful for your concern and support and especially for the generosity with which you have helped us regularly. May G-d Hashem bless you and your whole family abundantly in all areas!




Thanks for your help, 12 December 2016

First of all I want to wish you and your whole family a sweet, happy and healthy year filled with blessing.

I want to thank you for the coherent and vital help, that you give the Shluchim to Mr… And to my family personally.

Here in M… , We work under very difficult financial and communal conditions it is only through the blessings of the Rebbe and the help of G-d that we are able to continue and succeed.

You through the help you give, you deserved to be a main conduit for the very important REBBE institutions to reach to M…

On a more personal note, with a growing family life has become increasingly difficult. For example, we need a larger house (which costs a much more expensive rent), one of my daughter sleeps on a mattress on the floor because there is no room for another bed and Majority of my house is in cartons (we live on cartons) because of a lack of space. Under the current circumstances, I can not afford to rent a bigger house and there are also several other things that become very difficult.

Your very generous assistance and contribution to Yom Tov will help to be able to get the basic necessities for Yom Tov.

So Thanks to you.

That G-d repays you ten times more with much health, wealth and prosperity and true satisfaction of your children. Ktiva vachatima Tova.

Rabbi Y.



Words can not even describe what your quick and generous miraculous contribution to the holidays has made for our preparations of Yom Tov and our Shlichut.

We were worried about how we were going to make the purchase of basic necessities for these holidays, and for the many guests.

I thank you and that Hashem grant you blessings revealed with much success in your mission.

Rabbi D.

Acknowledgments received from Shluchim, 8 December 2016