Home evictions

Dear Keren Esther,

Here is our situation: We were expelled from our home a few months ago and remain temporarily in a temporary home. It is a little small but, thank goodness, we do with. We hope to find permanent housing soon. We praise a Chabad House and, thank God, despite all the hardships and difficulties, we have not stopped any of our activities in the Chabad House.

We have six children (the eldest is seven years old) and, thank G-d, the ONLINE school at the Shluchim Office recently awarded us a scholarship for our two elders (six and seven years old). My wife ensures the education of others at home.

We live in a small town with about 1000 Jews (90% have mixed marriages); There is no other Orthodox presence, no community center or Federation: only our Chabad House. The closest Shaliach (and Mikvah) are six hours away. Initially, we were mainly financed by donations from elsewhere (New York, Miami, Los Angeles etc.). But with the financial crisis, most of our donors from other cities stopped their contributions. We’re coming to get more money now locally (we’ve been here for six years) but it’s still a struggle every month to pay the bills.

Your help and those of several other donors have literally saved us financially during a very difficult period (we still have a lot of debts and are not yet financially stable but at least we see a light at the end of the tunnel).

We wish you much success, with our thanks !

Testimony of Rabbi Mendel of the Chabad Community Center, 11 December 2016