Call for help

Please participate generously to our PESACH APPEAL for our widows and orphans

Dear friends,

Pesach is just in about 3 weeks.

As usual, we will be sending substantial help to fifty families of shluchim towards their basic needs for all upcoming holidays.

You can make your contribution online by clicking here .

Thank you very much!

Have a happy & kosher Passover!

A veteran shlucha has been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, an incurable illness. She is undergoing treatment to fend off the cancer for as long as possible. Meanwhile, she is also taking care of her single mom daughter and two grandchildren, with no financial help from the ex husband.

In fact, the ex husband, is fighting in court to get custody of the children, and to evict them from their home. This is taking an immense financial and emotional toll on the shlucha and is CV causing her treatment to be less effective because of her fatigue and stress.

We urge you to please help ease the tremendous financial burden of treatment and legal bills, and help the shlucha while she battles for her life.

Thanks for helping out!

Dear friends,

A few days away from Purim, please make a generous donation to KEREN ESTHER (shluchim Aid Fund) to help us support our needy brothers or with serious medical problems with abundance and dignity, click here:


May God bless you, that we can help them widely through you,

Wishing you a very joyful Purim.

PS. Please share with friends and acquaintances.