Call for help

Dear Friends,

As every year we aim to help fifty Shluchim families with all the basic necessities and Chanukah gifts to spend the holidays merrily and with dignity !

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Thank you very much ! Happy Chanukah !

Dear friends,

This morning we learn the sad news of the sudden death of the little girl Channi W. (7 years), daughter of the Shluchim of the Rebbe in Pomona.
Please help us support the family in these painful times.

Dear Keren Esther,

Thank you so much for your generous help in helping us with the expenses of our newborn. May the Almighty send you much success in all that you do, with the ultimate good and revealed, physically and spiritually.



Dear Keren Esther,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your generous contribution to our daily expenses. We are very grateful for your concern and support and especially for the generosity with which you have helped us regularly. May G-d Hashem bless you and your whole family abundantly in all areas!




To our esteemed Keren Esther,

Rabbi Eli transmitted to me your very generous contribution and sum of Tsedaka. I want to thank you for your kindness and above all for your generosity and your sensitivity to the family of my late brother Levi of blessed memory (who died last week leaving a woman and four young children) and To my brothers and sisters. As you can imagine, it is a very difficult time for us and it is like a breath of fresh air to notice that another understands and participates.

My dear brother Levi had many qualities, one of them was that he was always positive, happy; He looked at the luminous side. While the world now seems so dark, you help us see the good that exists in the world around us.

Once again thank you for your generosity and the lesson you have given our family.

Hello Keren Esther !

A very big thank you for all your help! You are amazing ! Currently, I am really overwhelmed as I try to regain control of my life: everything is in disorder: the house, lawyers etc. I have to make many decisions on my own. But it takes a lot of strength. Sometimes it’s so hard to get to the end of the day when my whole life has been so upset !

Dear Keren Esther,

Hello, I would have thought that an organization like yours is also listening!

I myself being a widow.

Indeed, before, my husband occupied a good place. Only, with the illness, which had already raged twice, no insurance, no coverage was ever granted to us. When he left in December 2014, I found myself, mother of three children, 10, 11 and 16, unemployed, with all the burdens to pay, but nothing, nothing more.

This is a shock, because in addition to mourning, you have to face dozens of things you had not planned ! The questions of the children, their anxieties, their pain and your future that suddenly veils itself… I am still in the tunnel and I go step by step. But thanks to gestures like yours, it warms the hearts, it does good to the soul, know the good.

I am sending you the book I wrote about this great man who has been my husband, maybe this will give you an idea of ​​who we are. . . What I have become: a mother who will do everything for her children. Know that the sum of money you have paid me, I will keep it for my children, it is destined for them, I am so happy. You really touched me; I do not know how to thank you, or perhaps if I promise you, that if my situation would allow me one day, I would pay your organization something, a sum, so that a letter-box, A word, nice, a check, and flow the tears of joy of the one who receives it.

I really thank you and know that today; You have embellished my day, for ever you will remain in a corner of my heart,

I. M.

I briefly describe my situation:

1.            Around Chanukah 2012, I was discovered that I contracted Colon cancer. They immediately operated on me and removed the tumor.
2.            After a wile, I was told that the area under cultivation (ie what it was cut from what affected the rest of the intestine) was also infected, and there is a large Anxiety that the disease is progressing, to G-d forbid.
3.            After a series of tests at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Israel, it was decided to carry out a minor surgery to remove the rest of the tumor.
4.            Shortly before the intervention they injected an ink jet into the intestines to mark the place of the intervention in the future. Something went wrong and at that time an enormous and very rare infection was triggered in the intestine which required prolonged hospitalization just before Pesach.
5.            After Pesach the test showed that the intestines closed because of the rare infection inside and there is a great concern about a total hermetic closure! Another thing that required hospitalization to try several times to widen the intestines. One thing that was worth only a few minutes.
6.            Doctors in Israel did not know what it was that infection, how it happened, whether it was just an infection or even the disease that broke out violently because of the inking. They just wanted to operate to see and analyze.
7.            We met with Mr. Firer and his team that they recommended testing and treatment in Florida at the ‘Cleveland Clinic’ Hospital, where there is a world-renowned surgeon specializing in this specific area. Shortly after we arrived in Florida.
8.             After a series of thorough checks in 2 hospitals here: a ‘Cleveland Clinic’ and a ‘Sylvester Miami University’, it was established that the tumor was developed, and reached T3 level 2 status.
9.            This is why it was decided to series of chemotherapy and advanced radiotherapy, to try to reduce the tumor.
10.         For fear of a total blockage of the intestine I needed additional treatment, it is the introduction of ‘Sten’ in the intestine to prevent total closure during treatments.
11.         In full chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, I caught a severe oesophagitis infection, requiring additional hospitalization for more than a week.
12.         12 weeks after the end of treatments and rays (which left a lot of damage in the body) the operation was conducted by Professor Wexsner at the hospital ‘Cleveland Clinic’.
13.         The surgical lasted more than 6 hours due to the complications created by infection, disease and radiation. A great effort was made by the surgeon to thoroughly clean the infection and the rest.
14.         After the surgical and hospitalization of the week, serious problems arose due to the complications of the surgery. Unfortunately, these problems still require daily treatment.
15.         After anatomo-pathological examination, it was decided that there was no need for another chemotherapy session because now everything is clean. Thank G-d. But other problems require treatment.
16.         They are currently working on two things: A. Serious medical complications created by the operation and disease. B. In 2 and a half months it will be necessary to undergo a new surgical procedure to restore the activity of the intestine, because now the large intestines are inactive.
17.         Hopefully, in 3 or 4 months will end the treatments and we will return to Israel.
18.         Meanwhile the costs and expenses here are very very high: 6 of my children are in Israel and scattered among families. And 3 of my children are with us. We have to live in two places both here and in Israel. And all this without pay for months.
19.         Another thing: the health insurance costs because of the situation here are $ 2100 per month for me only. We will have to continue the insurance at least another year to see that all is well I hope. So the cost is huge, just for that (12×2100$).
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help you have already sent and you will continue to help us hoping for good and happy things.

Dear Keren Esther,

Here is our situation: We were expelled from our home a few months ago and remain temporarily in a temporary home. It is a little small but, thank goodness, we do with. We hope to find permanent housing soon. We praise a Chabad House and, thank God, despite all the hardships and difficulties, we have not stopped any of our activities in the Chabad House.

We have six children (the eldest is seven years old) and, thank G-d, the ONLINE school at the Shluchim Office recently awarded us a scholarship for our two elders (six and seven years old). My wife ensures the education of others at home.

We live in a small town with about 1000 Jews (90% have mixed marriages); There is no other Orthodox presence, no community center or Federation: only our Chabad House. The closest Shaliach (and Mikvah) are six hours away. Initially, we were mainly financed by donations from elsewhere (New York, Miami, Los Angeles etc.). But with the financial crisis, most of our donors from other cities stopped their contributions. We’re coming to get more money now locally (we’ve been here for six years) but it’s still a struggle every month to pay the bills.

Your help and those of several other donors have literally saved us financially during a very difficult period (we still have a lot of debts and are not yet financially stable but at least we see a light at the end of the tunnel).

We wish you much success, with our thanks !

Dovber W. a three-month-old baby son of Chabad Shluchim at the University of Arizona Rabbi Yossi and Naomi W., passed away Shabbat afternoon.

The sudden and tragic death shocked students and the Jewish community in Tucson who came to admire the devoted work of these parents. He is survived by his parents, brothers and sisters.

A campaign was set up in order to “allow these dedicated Shluchim to lighten their financial responsibilities”. Please give generously.

You can contribute online by clicking here.

Thank you very much !

Dear friends,

We have unfortunately received several bad news:

– Shmuli B. – (10), son of Shluchim of the Rebbe in Chicago, is fighting leukemia.
– Meir S. – (7), son of Shlouchim in Connecticut, has a disease called Riley-Day syndrome, also known as Dy-family autonomy (FD), a rare genetic disease that affects Less than 300 people worldwide. ‘It affects the whole autonomous system of meir, beginning with its swallowing ability, blinking eyes, its arterial pressure and body temperature – all the things we take for granted. At home everything is uncontrolled, ‘explains his father.

The well-liked Shliach in Ilford, England, Rabbi Moshe Muller (43) died suddenly that night in hospital, leaving a wife and 8 children.

He complained about chest pain the previous week and was recommended to stay in the hospital for additional exams. It is a shock to his family, colleagues, community members and many friends.

Please help us in these times of great distress and need. Please give generously. You can contribute online by clicking here.

Thank you very much on behalf of them!